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Gaggia Concetto

Gaggia Concetto

The Gaggia Concetto is a fully-automatic fresh ground bean-to-cup espresso and cappuccino coffee machine suitable for locations serving an average of 100 cups a day.

The Gaggia Concetto can be set up in self-service mode, and can be fitted with a coin acceptor mechanism, making it ideal for canteen or similar ‘coffee to go’ locations. A steam wand is also a standard feature on the machine. Another version of the machine, the Concetto Cappucino and Luxe, is available with the steam arm only.

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Gaggia Concetto
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What Francesca says...


The fully automatic, bean-to-cup Gaggia Concetto coffee machine is a real ace. It's so easy to use and makes superb coffee, cappuccino and latte. You can make perfectly-formed layered latte macchiato, intense espresso and proper Americano coffee, with perfectly formed crema. I think that this machine is the best value for money bean-to-cup machine on the market. It’s far superior in terms of power and performance to any of the manual fill machines, and is significantly cheaper than the equivalent plumbed-in, fully automatic machines in its class.

Daily cleaning on this coffee maker is quick and easy and takes about 6 minutes. The schedule for preventative maintenance is set by the counter on the machine. So, like a car, it calls for service when it's due, based on the usage. I recommend this machine for bars and restaurants where staff need to multitask, or in an office or retail location where a simple self service coffee machine is required. Overall, great coffee made easy!

Francesca's recommended accessories:

Generally the following accessories are included in a quote for a Gaggia Concetto:

Technical Information

Available group sizes:
Size (H x W x D) (2 group):
68 cm x 48 cm x 55 cm
38 kg
Boiler Size:
1.7 l (water boiler)
0.5 l (coffee boiler)
Coffees-per-day rate:
Stainless steel steaming arms:
Outer body construction:
Painted polyurethane
Volumetric pump:
Mains water connection:
Installed power:
3250 w
Stainless steel hot water outlet:
Cup warming boost unit:
Automatic boiler filling:
Hot water economizer:
Anti-suction valve:


  • Removable brewing unitRemovable brewing unit | The removable brewing unit allows for great ease of use, and straightforward cleaning and maintenance
  • Built-in coffee grinderBuilt-in coffee grinder | The built-in coffee grinder allows you to grind coffee beans on demand and serve fantasic freshly ground coffee
  • Dosing system Dosing system | The new electronic dosing system makes it possible to memorise your preferred espresso settings by regulating the dose of coffee in the cup
  • Turbo steamer Turbo steamer | Fitted with turbo steam nozzles
  • Digital LCD control panel Digital LCD control panel | Allows you to adjust all settings for coffee making as you go along
  • Adjustable-height coffee dispensing head Adjustable-height coffee dispensing head | choose your cup size
  • Coffee doser Coffee doser | Ability to use ground coffee as well as coffee beans
  • Pre-infusion Pre-infusion | Allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee; adjustable through the LCD control panel
  • Active cup warmer Active cup warmer | Increase the sensory experience by boosting the temperature of the cups via a cup warming electrical element
  • Automatic milk foaming Automatic milk foaming | One touch cappuccino and latte milk foaming on the Concetto Cappuccino model
  • Milk cooler Milk cooler | holds two litres of milk
  • Hot water opti dose Hot water opti dose | Programme your coffee machine to different amounts of hot water
  • Power management Power management | Ability to reduce power consumption during off-peak business periods