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Gaggia Coffee Machines

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Ask Francesca, our Italian coffee expert, any questions you have about your machine. Such as...

Hands-on training


We run regular training sessions, so as a new Gaggia owner, you can be sure you're getting the most out of your machine. Read more about getting to know the potential of your Gaggia machine.



Using the right coffee machine accessories will help to improve your enjoyment of your coffee machine, and your coffee-making skills. You can swirl your milk like a pro Barista using the bell bottom cappuccino foaming jug, or tamp with precision using a perfectly fitting 58mm aluminium tamper. Find out more.

Gaggia Coffee Machines At Watermark Coffee Technology we supply the very best coffee machines for use at work or in the Cafe Bar and Restaurant. The Gaggia range of coffee machines is synonymous with superior quality coffee, reliability of operation with a long expected life which makes it one of the most environmentally sustainable coffee machines available in the market.

The reason why Gaggia coffee machines have become the industry benchmark is because they represent excellent value for money in terms of the initial cost coupled with the total cost of ownership over the life time of the coffee machine; Gaggia coffee machines are built to last with ease of servicing and low cost of spare parts. Reliability and consistency is at the centre of the design philosophy in the Gaggia research and development lab.

Not all coffee machines are the same, the discerning user understands this and this is why Gaggia is seen in so many high street locations and top quality establishments. The reason why Gaggia is the coffee machine of choice is because these operators know the cost of lost sales and reputational damage that is associated by an underperforming or non performing coffee machine. With a Gaggia coffee machine, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your decision to invest in a Gaggia will see you though many years of drama free coffee making.